Friday, November 11, 2016

Kenya Point of sale software for small business in Kenya

Point of Sale Solutions Kenya :: Efficient, Easy to Use & Affordable

Point of Sale Software for Desktop, Web and Mobile. No  1 POS Dealers in Kenya

We Implement Point of Sale Systems for Retail & Hotel

Get the Ideal Point of Sale Software for Retail, Supermarkets and Hotels. Available in Mobile, Web & Desktop. Efficient, Easy to Use & Affordable. Call 0792 022 994.

RetailStar is our Flagship POS Solution Fit for Enterprise, Medium and Small Businesses

point of sale systems for small business kenya at the best price

RetailStar is a POS Software that meets the unique needs of small and medium enterprises in Kenya & Eastern Africa. Helps you manage your business effectively while giving you the reports you need. RetailStar integrates with Fiscal Devices for all Tax Authorities in East Africa Call us today. In use in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
point of sale systems for small business kenya at the best price

HotelStar is a Modern Restaurant Management / Hotel POS Incorporating Room Reservations

HotelStar is a Modern Hotel Management Software/Restaurant POS System to make the work of managing your restaurant easy and efficient. Fully Touch enabled and Accessible across devices, its loaded with features and reports. Incorporates Optional Roomio Module for Reservations and Facilities Management.
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Looking for a Online POS for your Business? eRetail is Here

eRetail Business Manager is a web based point of sale system. The main features include a touch enabled POS interface with an easy to use GUI, Inventory Management, staff management. Integrates with barcode scanners and Bluetooth or USB printer.
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You are Mobile and Love the Power of Mobile. You do Business on the Go. Sellio is For You

Sellio is a mobile(Android) based Point of Sale & Inventory Management App purposed for business that need the flexibility and benefits of mobile. The app empowers you to make sales, manage your product catalog /Inventory and track your business performance. Runs on Android.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Free POS System For Small Business

We are offering The  Lite  version of  our RetailStar POS System  For Free. It can be used  by a small business  with a single Terminal. It has most required Features.
  1. Easy to Install & intuitive user interface
  2. Works right out of the box with minimal configuration
  3. Quick Sale Mode, Sell to Existing Customer or Add New Customer on the Fly.
    Cash Drawer Management: Know the exact amount that should be in the Cash drawer at any Time!
  4. Use any Standard Barcode Scanner.
  5. Staff Management and access control levels
  6. Product Management
  7. Extensive Inventory Management and Reorder Level Monitoring
  8. Customer Management
  9. Supplier Management
  10. Invoice generation
  11. Track payments and Pending Invoices
  12. Daily Sales Report Per Invoice and Per Staff
  13. Receipt Printing
  14. Accept Multiple Payments: Cash,Card, Mobile or Cheque and Record Payment Details.
  15. Cash Register
  16. Customize Currency, Logo & Units of Measure & Taxes
  17. Sell Discrete or Continuous Quantities
  18. Easy Tax configuration
  19. Profit and Loss Statements
  20. Profit Report Per Product;
  21. Expenses Management.
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Download Free RetailStar Lite Version