Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Did you know that you can Use an Android Based POS System In Kenya?

Sellio/SellioCloud is a Mobile(Android) Based POS & Inventory Management App Purposed for Businesses That Need the Flexibility And Benefits of Mobile. The App empowers you to Make Sales, Manage your Product Catalog/Inventory/Customers and Track your Business Performance. Runs on Android. Works Offline. Syncs to Cloud. 

How Sellio/SellioCloud Android POS Works

Point of Sale

Efficent Easy to use POS App that Runs on Android Phones / POS Terminals. Access Real Time Business Performance Reports from the Online Dashboard. Access your Data From Anywhere

Inventory Management

Track your purchases and Sales in Real Time. Manage Purchases and Suppliers on the Online Dashboard. Create and Receive Purchase Orders

Product Management

Categorize your products. Add unlimited Products. Easily search for any Item. Supports product images and Tax Configurations

Flexible Hardware

You Can Use your Phone Paired with a Bluetooth Printer / An Intergrated Andoid POS Terminal. If you have a Mac or PC, you can use the Web App

Works Offline

Sellio App Does not Require Internet Connectivity always. Transactions are Synced to the Cloud Whenever Internet Connection is Available.

Mobile Payment Integration

If your Business has Lipa Na Mpesa Paybill/Till Number.

Scalable Solution with Multi-Outlet Support

Support Multiple Outlets. Whether you have one outlet or More, Sellio Works for You. Size Doesn't Matter. Efficiency Matters.

Manage your Users,Customers & Suppliers

Keep Crucial Business Information at your Fingertips. Roll with Confidence

Final Take

If you are considering deploying an Android POS System forr your business you can consult with the writer on the following contacts.

David Tuikong
Call /Whatsapp 0792 022 994 or send enquiry to  pos@selliocloud.com
Website: www.selliocloud.com

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