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What is the cost of a point of sale system in Kenya?

The cost of a point of sale system in Kenya varies according to the kind of deployment and the Hardware requirements. Currently there are are two types of POS systems available in Kenya: PC Based POS system and Mobile( Android) Based POS system.

To answer the question of Point of Sale System prices in Kenya properly we must understand that a a point of sale system is composed of two parts;
  1. Hardware : Which includes Computer, Barcode Scanner, Thermal Receipt Printer and  Legal Requirement of an Electronic Fiscal Device( ESD/ETR). If you are using an Android Based POS System,  You will Need and Android POS  Terminal.  
  2. Software: Which comprises of the Computer program along with the database system that will be used to record sales, manage inventory , staff and  other useful daily records regarding the business operations. Examples of software includes RetailStar POS  System, HotelStar POS System, Simba POS system , Robipos POS System, and Also And

Point of Sale Machine Prices

Computer Based POS System Components

Components of a computer Based POS System
  • Ex- uk Computer System typically costs  Kshs  10,000 -25,000* Depending on the the Model  specifications
  • Brand  New  Computer System typically costs  Kshs  40,000 -100,000 Depending on the the specifications
  • Hand Held Barcode Scanner costs  Kshs 6,500- 20,000 depending  on the Model
  • Table Mount Barcode Scanner costs  Kshs 13,500- 25,000 depending  on the Model 
  • Cash Drawer costs  Kshs  6,500-20,000 depending  on the Model 
  • Thermal Receipt  Printer:  Costs  Kshs 13,500- 25,000 depending  on the Model and features ie Whether it supports Ethernet Blue  
*Prices Subject to variation. Please visit  or search online   for the latest prices

Mobile Based POS System Components

Android POS Devices
Android Hand Held POS Device with Inbuilt Printer

Android POS System with Phone and  Bluetooth Printer

  • Android Hand Held POS devices  prices Range  From   Kshs 30,000-50,000
  • Bluetooth Printer   price is  Kshs   6,500
  • Tablet or Mobile  Ideal for POS Phone Costs  Kshs 10,000-30,000

Point of Sale Software Prices

Point of sale software price varies widely depending on vendor, system features, deployment scenario. In some cases the cost varies according to number of users or terminals.  Its also  worth noting that some software vendors charge monthly or annually for the use of their software(subscription based)

That  said, the indicative prices.

Computer Based POS Software Prices

  • QuickBooks POS pricing starts at Kshs 100,000 as a one-time payment. There is not a free version of QuickBooks POS. QuickBooks POS does offer a free trial.
  • RetailStar POS System for Supermarkets , Hardware Shops and other Retailers price Starts fromKshs 20,000
  • HotelStar POS System prices Starts From  Kshs 40, 000

  • RobiPOS System price starts From Kshs 40, 000

 Mobile( Android Based POS) Software Prices


The typical costs of deployment of a point of sale  system in Kenya therefore starts from Kshs 40,000 for the simplest deployment with software, Ex-uk computer, cash drawer and a thermal printer. The cost will vary upwards depending on the various factors earlier mentioned.

It is  the onus of the business owner to enquire extensively on the price and functionality of the system from the vendor.  It is also important to note that its not the cheapest POS system that will suit the Business but one that meets the business requirements in terms of daily operations and available Reports.

Please consult extensively and request for demos.   If you will need  to consult on the right POS system for your business you can consult with the writer on the following contacts.

David Tuikong
Call /Whatsapp 0792 022 994 or send enquiry to



Point of Sale Software Prices

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