Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Benefits of Using RetailStar POS Software for your Wines and Spirits Business

RetailStar POS Software is a stock management software system designed specifically for the wine and spirits industry.
Keeping track of stock in the wine and spirits industry is simple with Vision Commerce allowing you to monitor your stock, whether it be full or part/mixed cases, either internally within a bonded warehouse or sending part or full cases to your client. As the value of vintage wine fluctuates over time, Commerce is capable of multi-currency transactions and keeps track of exchange rates, which is a unique proposition for our industry.

A Simple User Interface For Wine and Spirits Management

By using feedback from end users and working directly with customers, we’ve created a clear and easy-to-use interface designed around the end user. This helps to ensure that time and money are not wasted on poor processes or duplicated tasks. It’s also possible to send purchase orders, sales orders and invoices via email, eliminating the need to use mail or fax.

The Capabilities of Commerce:

  •   A sophisticated stock management system
  •  Goods inwards
  •  Goods outwards
  •  Easy and flexible reporting
  •  Purchase orders
  •  Sales orders
  •  VAT management
  •  Unpaid customer reserves
  •  En Primeur allocation
  •  Full Sage integration
  •  Invoicing
  •  Credit management
  •  Customer and supplier management
  •  Sales reports by customer, product, salesperson or trade  sector

Enhance Commerce

For retail environments eg wine & spirits, RetailStar POS  gives you an electronic point of sale solution.

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